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Four Days After

Full Liquids

NOTE:  Fluids must pour easily out of a cup, like milk.

Sugar-free and non-fat milk products:  Up to 3 servings per day

  • 2-3 fl oz of thinned plain or low sugar yogurts (ex:  Light Yoplait, Dannon Light ‘n Fit), low sugar Greek style yogurt, skim milk or 1% milk, low fat buttermilk, strained cream soups, cream of tomato soup (made with milk), thinned sugar-free pudding, and sugar-free cocoa three times/day. These must pour easily out of a cup. 
  • 8 fl oz high protein/ of low carbohydrate shake, three times per day (sip slowly over a one-hour period). See pages15 & 16 for acceptable choices.
  • Other allowed fluids between meals are water, decaffeinated coffee or tea (limit to 1 cup per day), bouillon or broth, sugar-free flavor mixes (Crystal Light, Mio, etc…) or any noncarbonated sugar free beverage, de-carbonated (“flat”) diet tonic or diet ginger ale, diet/sugar-free gelatin, sugar-free popsicles (less than 20 calories each, limited to 2-3 per day), diluted juice or diluted Gatorade, G2 or Pedialyte (limit to 8 fl oz per day).


  • Fluid intake goal is at least 48 fl oz per day besides full liquids.
  • No more than 8 fl oz per hour.
  • Beaten egg may be cooked in broth since beaten egg in soup is easy to digest (ex. egg drop soup).
  • You may increase your protein intake further by adding nonfat dry milk powder or unflavored protein powder to any of your foods or beverages.

Frozen yogurt, ice milk, and ice cream are not recommended, as they are low in protein and high in calories.