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Self-Pay Pricing

While looking into having bariatric surgery, you may have questions about the costs involved. Many health insurance plans have bariatric benefits that will pay for your surgery if you meet the pre-surgical requirements, but there are also policies that exclude bariatric treatments.

If your health insurance policy provides coverage for bariatrics, you are typically responsible for what remains of your annual out-of-pocket maximum as determined by your plan. As you proceed through the bariatric program to prepare for surgery, some of the money you spend on testing and consultations will likely be applied to this remaining out-of-pocket balance. We offer insurance verification; all you need to do is fill out this form.

When you have been cleared for bariatric surgery and it is scheduled, the hospital will contact your insurance company to verify how much you will need to pay at the time of surgery. If the entire amount of the “out-of-pocket” has been met, your insurance should pay 100% of the surgery charges. If your insurance does not have bariatric benefits, you will be solely responsible for the cost of the program and the surgery.

We offer a self-pay program for patients whose insurance does not provide bariatric benefits. In this program, bariatric services are discounted to make bariatric surgery more attainable for patients. The total cost of treatment, from the initial appointment to surgery, can be difficult to estimate precisely because every patient is unique. The number of appointments and type of testing varies widely from patient to patient. The reduced self-pay surgery cost is due in full at the time of surgery.

Bariatric surgery self-pay prices
Initial consultation $281.45
Laparoscopic gastric sleeve $14,995
Laparoscopic gastric bypass $16,995
Laparoscopic duodenal switch $19,995
Bariatric revision $19,995
Lap band removal $8,000

Included in the self-pay price:

  • Anesthesiologist
  • Surgeon (consult, pre-op, surgery and additional office visits with the surgeon for 90 days after surgery)
  • Bailey Medical Center (surgery at the facility and one overnight stay)

Not included in the self-pay price:

  • Pre-operative testing or office visits prior to surgery
  • Bariatric clinic consults
  • Cardiology testing and consults
  • Pulmonary testing and consults
  • Dietitian consults
  • Psychology consults
  • Any laboratory testing prior to the day of surgery
  • Hospital stays exceeding one overnight stay
  • Gastric sleeve pathology
  • Any additional procedures, consults or testing not listed above

This is the set price as of Jan. 1, 2023 and is subject to change. The patient is responsible for any additional expense outside the customary charges for the procedure. The self-pay price does not include any subsequent procedures or visits not detailed above.

You also have the option to finance your payment. While we don’t have in-house financing, the following lending institution comes recommended to patients looking for financial assistance.

Prosper Healthcare Lending* 888-602 6066

*For Prosper Healthcare Lending, use provider number 053932 on application.