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Three to Four Weeks After

Soft proteins for 2 weeks

Try underlined foods first:

Dairy Eggs Beans Fish
Low-fat cheese Scrambled Canned low-fat refried Any white, flakey
Low-sugar Greek yogurt Hard-boiled Plain cooked  
Low-fat cottage cheese Poached    
Sugar-free pudding Fried with spray oil    


Deli-style meat Nut butters Tofu or soy Fruits/veggies
Chicken, ham, turkey Creamy peanut butter Tofu crumbles Canned vegetables
Roast beef Other creamy nut butter Tofu sausage Canned fruits
Egg or tuna salad   Tofu or soy grillers Pureed

Avoid hard large seeds, tough skins, corn, celery, stalks of broccoli, etc.

Use low-fat mayo, pickle juice, avocado, herbs, and spices as tolerated.