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Didn't Want to Take "Easy" Way Out

I have been over weight my whole life. For the most part I have been active and healthy, considering my size. In July of 2011, I started having intense back/leg pain. After many doctors, an MRI and testing we discovered I have a ruptured disc, and multiple issues in my lower back. 

I did not want to have major back surgery - my neurosurgeon knew this. But given my size, fusion was my only surgical option. Then he asked me if I had ever considered gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. I was appalled. I had never considered bariatric surgery. 

It was the "easy" way out. 

My neurosurgeon explained if I had a bariatric surgery, which was laparoscopic, I could then have a simpler laparoscopic back procedure. I needed to lose 100 lbs fairly quickly to make this possible. It was time to face the music. 

I then decided to go to an information seminar at Bailey. I began to educate myself about the doctors, procedures and the process. The Bailey bariatric team makes this process flow smoothly and thoroughly. 

After many attempts to lose weight on my own, 50 lbs here and there, I was at my breaking point. I needed help, a tool. This was like trading in the shovel for the back hoe. I had gastric sleeve on January 31st, with a starting weight of 363lbs. 9 months later I am down 119lbs, my back pain is under control, without any back surgery, and I feel great. This process is in no way the "easy" way out. I would do it ten times again to be where I am today!

-Cherise Swatsenbarg,

Bailey Bariatric Patient