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Bailey Bariatrics Patient Moves Forward with Goals

Patricia “Patty” Humphreys met every requirement, followed each step in the process to prepare for Roux-en-y bypass surgery – including a full year of monitoring as required by her insurance. She successfully endured the two-week liquid diet, but her highly anticipated surgery date came and went to no avail. The day she would have been admitted for surgery with Christopher Cole, D.O., was the day Governor Kevin Stitt suspended elective surgeries, meaning Patty had to wait.

“I was devastated,” she said. “We waited so long to get to that point. I kept thinking, ‘It is never going to happen.’”

Instead of giving up, Patty intentionally shifted her mindset.

“I’m usually one to try to find something positive and move forward,” Patty said of overcoming her disappointment. With her family’s support, she began to believe the day would come for her to have the surgery she knew would change her life.

Following an earlier car accident and spinal fusion, Patty’s options for exercise were limited. Her weight began affecting her joints, causing escalating pain. For the first time, she had high blood pressure and sleep apnea. As health concerns compounded, her level of activity declined. Patty’s two beloved and energetic grandchildren wanted their Nana back.

“They wanted Nana to play with them,” she said. “I knew I needed to do something, and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have the quality of life I wanted and see them grow up.”

Patty had attended a Bailey Bariatrics seminar a few years prior, and after witnessing the transformation of two family members who went through the program, she signed up for another seminar. Her goals motivated her to start and stick with the program.

“I want to go hiking, walk at walk/run events, travel with our family, be active outdoors with my husband and explore with my grandkids,” she said.

After Governor Stitt lifted the suspension on elective surgeries April 24, Patty thoughtfully considered her decision to move forward with a rescheduled surgery.

“Initially I was afraid to go,” she said. “But I had to consider my health problems. The risk of not having surgery was worse than moving forward with the surgery.”

The day Patty and her family had waited for finally arrived May 6. Following new protocols to protect patients, visitors and staff, Patty was admitted to Bailey Medical Center for surgery performed by Dr. Cole, after completing, once again, a two-week liquid diet.

“I had a very good experience with all of the staff,” Patty said. “From checking in and pre-op, the staff and nurses were wonderful. The facility is clean. I didn’t have any problems to worry about. They took really good care of me.”

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