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One Day Before Surgery

Four rules:

  1. Stop drinking high protein liquid drink (no creamy shakes allowed)
  2. No red dye
  3. No caffeine, carbonation or calories
  4. Stop drinking decaf coffee and tea

Permitted fluids and foods:

Clear, low-sodium broth*
Sugar-free popsicles**
Sugar-free gelatin (no red or orange)

Choose one serving (8 oz) of these foods/fluids at least three times per day.

*Broth must be strained of any solids. You may use any type of broth (beef, chicken, vegetable), cooking stock or bouillon cubes.

**No fruit juice bars, sugar-free fudgesicles or sugar-free pudding popsicles. Popsicles must be 20 calories or less per popsicle, and no red color.

Water-based fluids

  • Water, plain or flavored
  • Sugar-free water enhancers, up to five calories per serving
  • Electrolyte drinks or water with vitamins (limit one per day)

It is very important to maintain hydration during the pre-surgery liquid diet. 

Drink at least 8 ounces between the sugar-free gelatin and/or broth meals.

No decaf coffee or tea

Clear protein drinks are optional

  • These protein drinks must contain protein from whey protein isolate. No other proteins allowed.
  • You can have these for breakfast or lunch only