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One Day Before Surgery

  • Stop drinking high protein liquid drink (No creamy shakes) 
  • No red dye
  • No caffeine, carbonation or calories 
  • Stop drinking decaf coffee and tea 

Choose one serving (8 ounces) of the following at least three times per day: 

Clear low sodium broth

Any broth must be strained of any solids. You may use any type of brother (beef, chicken, vegetables), cooking stock or bullion cubes. 

Sugar-free gelatin, no red color 

Snack (optional) 

one to two sugar-free popsicles 

You are unable to have fruit juice bars, sugar-free fudgesicles or sugar-free pudding pops. They must be 20 calories or less for each popsicle, no red color. 

Water-based fluids to satisfy your daily fluid goal: water, plain or flavored

Sugar-free water enhancers may have up to five calories per serving, which is allowed.

Limit one per day: 

Electrolyte drinks or water enriched with vitamins

It is very important to maintain hydration during the pre-surgery liquid diet. 

Drink at least 8 ounces between the sugar-free gelatin and/or broth meals.

No decaf coffee or tea

OPTIONAL: Clear Protein Liquid Drinks 

  • These protein drinks must contain protein from whey protein isolate. No other proteins allowed
  • You can have these for breakfast or lunch only