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Lalli enjoys the active life as a grandparent

When Brandon Lalli found out he was going to be a grandfather, he wanted to be prepared.

“I wanted to get on the floor and play with the grandbaby and not need help to get up,” Lalli said.

Dealing with back and knee issues, as well as a severe case of acid reflux, Lalli weighed 407 pounds at his heaviest. He learned about The Center for Bariatrics at Bailey Medical Center through a friend who had participated in the program. 

Lalli had his first Bailey Bariatrics appointment in September 2019. He had gastric bypass surgery on May 20, 2020, and the results have been remarkable.

“My goal weight was to get to 250 pounds,” Lalli said. “I made that within the first six months after the surgery. Then I thought 225 pounds was my new goal and I got to that pretty quickly.”

As of early June 2022, Lalli is at 190, less than half what he weighed a few years earlier.

“It’s crazy to me the difference I am now, as to what I was then,” he said.

Lalli praised the work and encouragement of his Bailey Bariatrics team, which includes dietitian Andrea Reser, M.S., RD/LD, exercise specialist, Mo Smith, ACE-CPT, Chika Okwufulueze, APRN, FNP-BC, and so many others.

“They know what they’re talking about,” Lalli said. “Andrea, Mo and Chika, they helped me significantly. And they’re my friends now. They’re not just my clinical team.”

With his granddaughter set to turn 4 years old in 2022, Lalli is an active grandpa who loves to go to the gym and kayaking with his wife. In addition to the outstanding staff and resources available during his weight-loss journey, Lalli also attributed his success to a meticulous approach in sticking with the Bailey Bariatrics program.

“I tell people if they genuinely want to be successful at it, they’ve got to follow the rules,” he said. “If you’re going to invest in it, you’ve got to follow the program.”

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