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How to Get Started

We are excited that you are taking the first step in your journey to a new you! Please refer to the steps below, and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Step 1: 

Fill out our online registration and watch our FREE and optional online seminar.

Step 2: 

Complete the new patient paperwork and e-mail the paperwork to or fax to 918-550-6632.

Below is a personal note from Dr. JoeBob Kirk with Bailey Bariatrics.

The primary intent for this bariatric program is to make all things we do on your behalf to be the safest possible. We will explore multiple medical avenues in your treatment to more fully explore any related medical illnesses that might prevent you from being your healthiest. Our desire for you is to be successful: healthy, strong, and nutritionally correct. Weight loss is an additional benefit. During your course of care, it will be determined if bariatric surgery is indicated AND if surgery is the proper treatment for you.

You will be seen by multiple care providers in a variety of specialty areas. These could include dietician, exercise, psychologist, cardiology, pulmonology, etc. During your course of care it must be determined that bariatric surgery is the proper and correct treatment for you.

You will be educated and provided adequate information to make the correct decision regarding your care. Our efforts will remain directed in making sure you make the correct decisions. Your safety will always be the guiding force in making those decisions. We will determine technically which non-surgical or surgical procedure will provide you with the most benefits.

It is the sincere wish of the providers in this program that you be as successful as possible; that you realize all the benefits from this new direction in your life. We will provide you with long term support and follow up care as you continue on your new life journey.



Dr. JoeBob Kirk
Physicians and Staff
Center for Bariatrics at Bailey Medical Center