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Metabolic Management

Metabolic management is a non-surgical approach to weight loss and metabolic disease. The goal of the non-surgical weight loss program at Bailey Medical Center is to create a healthy life for overweight and obese patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater and associated health conditions like sleep apnea, diabetes and hypertension.

Our multi-disciplinary metabolic management team provides comprehensive care for the patient, including lifestyle changes, such as nutrition and exercise, and when needed, care from our specialty providers, including pulmonology, cardiology, psychology and more. Our obesity clinic providers are experts in the treatment of obesity with anti-obesity medications and determining the correct treatment for metabolic syndrome.

We’ll guide patients every step of the way on their health journey.

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Our program provides

  • Treatment plans for patients with metabolic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease and more
  • Treatment plans for patients with co-morbid conditions associated with metabolic disease, including obesity, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea and more
  • A non-surgical treatment to provide long-term weight loss

Entering the Program

Patients may work together with their primary care provider to participate in the non-surgical weight loss program.

After you have completed new patient paperwork, which is available on our website or through our office, we will conduct an insurance verification and schedule your initial consultation.

We’ll guide patients every step of the way on their health journey.

To get started,

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Program Details

After your initial consult, we will work to determine the best treatment plan for you. This may include anti-obesity medications in combination with behavioral changes. Each plan is individualized. You will be assigned a metabolic management navigator who is your program liaison. They will assist you to help schedule and coordinate your necessary appointments in the program.

Appointments will include a consult with an exercise specialist, registered dietitian, psychologist and our weight loss providers. These appointments will continue through your program journey. You’ll also attend a multi-disciplinary class to develop a health strategy followed by one-on-one dietitian appointments.

Specialty medical provider appointments may include*:

  • Cardiologist
  • Sleep medicine/Pulmonologist
    • A sleep study may be scheduled, if necessary
  • Endocrinology
    • This will assess conditions, such as diabetes, hormone imbalances and metabolic disorders
  • Psychologist
    • To assess your coping skills and readiness to makea lifestyle change
  • Other services, including labs and radiology, which may include a DEXA body composition scan and more.

Your physician and metabolic management navigator will inform you if these visits are necessary.

Please note anti-obesity weight loss medication may be prescribed as per the provider.

The program will take a minimum of six months. Your team will reevaluate your progress and success. The best treatment plan may be to continue the program, or you may enter a maintenance phase of care. If there is no adequate improvement and/or resolution of co-morbid conditions then our surgical weight loss program at The Center for Bariatrics at Bailey Medical Center may be recommended.