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Bariatric Supplements (Protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals and iron)

Note: Unjury and Vitalady offer sample packs for protein powders

Online Support and Information
Online support, nutrition & activity trackers, supplements, recipes and meal plans. Membership is free.
Online support.
Online support
Bariatric patient blog. Provides a humorous view on life after bariatric surgery. Great recipes available.

BariatricPal is a site dedicated completely to the weight loss surgery community. Free access to online support, community forums, information on procedures, diet, photo galleries and more!

General Information on Bariatric Surgeries


Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies
by Marina S. Kurian, Barbara Thompson, Brian K. Davidson, May 2005

Before and After
by Susan Maria Leach October 2009
Ms. Leach owns

Smart Phone Apps for Food Journaling

  • My Fitness Pal
  • Lose It
  • Tap & Track

Online Food Journaling (no fee)


  • YouTube - Thousands of videos available
  • - Humorous and informative videos by bariatrics patients